Chefs Special

with White Rice

NO1  General Tso's Chickenspicy
The chicken dish that over whelmed general chunks of crispy chicken cooked with chef's famous spicy and sweet sauce.
(M)9.50 (L)11.95
NO2 Happy Family
Sure to appeal to everyone in the family real fresh lobster, shrimp, sliced beef, chicken and roast pork served with mixed vegetable in delicious brown sauce.
NO3 Chicken Pan Fried Noodle 11.95
NO4 Sesame Chicken
Chunk of crispy chicken cooked with sweet and red sauce, garnished with sesame seeds.
(M)9.50 (L)11.95
NO5 Shrimp and Scallop with Mix Vegetable 13.80
NO6 Lemon Chicken
Crispy battered chicken in a tangy lemon sauce.
NO7 Triple Delight
Tender chicken, beef and shrimp and freshest vegetable in black bean sauce.
NO8  Orange BeefSpicy 13.45
NO9  Double Delight with Garlic SauceSpicy 12.80
NO10 Seafood Delight
Real fresh lobster, scallops, shrimp, crabmeat stir fried with colorful vegetable in light white sauce.
NO11  General Tso's ShrimpSpicy 12.80
NO13  Orange Chickenspicy
Golden crispy chunky chicken cooked fragrant orange peel in a rich tangy sauce.
(M)9.50 (L)11.95
NO14 Four Season
Shrimp filet of beef, chicken roast pork, stir-fried vegetables by brown sauce.
NO15 Chicken and Shrimp 12.80